, Volume 79, Issue 2, pp 451-454

Influence of pH on iron doped Zn<Subscript>2</Subscript>TiO<Subscript>4</Subscript> pigments

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The objective of this work was to obtain ceramic pigments starting from Zn2TiO4 and containing chromophore ions (Co, Ni and Mn in 1-20 mol%), using the polymeric precursor method. Zn2TiO4 displays an inverse spinel structure and can accommodate different chromophores in its lattice. The characterization was carried out by means of TG, DTA and XRD. From the TG curves, it can be stated that the pigments are stable above 600°C. X-ray diffraction patterns of the materials containing Co are single phase, whereas the addition of Ni and Mn leads to second phases from 1 and 20% of substitution, respectively.