, Volume 19, Issue 6, pp 513-521
Date: 09 Sep 2008

Framing the Professional Development of Members of the Science Teacher Education Community

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On office walls, we used to display photos and posters with the aid of yellow gummy stuff or with special squares of poster-mounting tape found during raids of the office supply cabinet. The assemblage of pictures and a few clippings on the walls looked okay—for a college dormitory. More recently, we have had the need to remove items from an office wall (either for a new coat of paint or for a move to a new space); and in the process, we discovered that a more enduring display of materials improves the overall look of an office wall. Specifically, framing a photo from the High Sierras or the picture of a loved one not only frees us from the need for that yellow gum, but also gives a new perspective and brings a new importance to the image. The frame improves the image and sets it apart from the background, distinguishing it clearly from the other pieces on the wall.

This essay is not meant to be a piece about office artwork or how to create an inspiring and productive work s ...