, Volume 61, Issue 3, pp 455-462
Date: 13 Dec 2011

Sol–gel one-pot synthesis in soft conditions of mesoporous silica materials ready for drug delivery system

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The present work reveals a new and simple strategy, a one-step sol–gel procedure, to encapsulate a low water-soluble drug in silica mesostructured microparticles and to improve its release in physiological media. The synthesis of these new materials is based on the efficient solubilisation of a poorly water-soluble drug in surfactant micelles (Tween 80, a pharmaceutical excipient) which act as template for the silica network. A strict control of the sol–gel process and the parameters procedure in soft conditions (concentration, pH, temperature) was applied to reach the solubilisation limit of the drug in the micellar solution so as to optimise its encapsulation. Even if this one-pot procedure could appear limited by the low drug loading, it could provide an interesting alternative for the formulation of many recent highly active but very poorly soluble drugs.