, Volume 57, Issue 1, pp 36-42
Date: 24 Sep 2010

PbTiO3 nanoparticle precursors for chemical solution deposited electroceramic thin films

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Reverse micellar microemulsions were utilised to synthesise stable lead titanate colloids from typical sol–gel type molecular precursors. The particles of a few nanometres in diameter that formed by hydrolysis in the micelle cores demonstrated a nanocrystalline texture without the need for thermal treatment. In a chemical solution deposition routine based on the nanoparticle dispersions, ferroelectric PbTiO3 thin films showing excellent remanent polarisation of more than 50 μC cm−2 were derived. The electrical characteristics of the layers were correlated to their microstructure which was controlled by the precursor composition and the annealing conditions. A columnar morphology that was realised by spinning on coatings of up to 100 nm in individual thickness proved most favourable with respect to the ferroelectric performance of the films.