, Volume 45, Issue 1, pp 35-41
Date: 14 Nov 2007

Synthesis of spherical submicron-sized magnetite/silica nanocomposite particles

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This paper describes a method for fabricating spherical submicron-sized silica particles that contained magnetite nanoparticles (magnetite/silica composite particles). The magnetite nanoparticles with a size of ca. 10 nm were prepared according to the Massart method, and were surface-modified with carboxyethylsilanetriol. The fabrication of magnetite/silica composite particles was performed in water/ethanol solution of tetraethoxyorthosilicate with ammonia catalyst in the presence of the surface-modified magnetite nanoparticles. The magnetite/silica composite particles with a size of ca. 100 nm were successfully prepared at 0.05 M TEOS, 15 M water, and 0.8 M ammonia with injection of the magnetite nanoparticle colloid at 2 min after the initiation of hydrolysis reaction of TEOS. Magnetite concentration in the composite particles could be raised to 17.3 wt.% by adjustment of the injected amount of the magnetite colloid, which brought about the saturation magnetization of 7.5 emu/g for the magnetite/silica composite particles.