, Volume 32, Issue 1-3, pp 79-83

Synthesis of Nano Silica Particles for Polishing Prepared by Sol–Gel Method

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In order to produce an excellent abrasive, a fabrication method for cocoon shaped silica particles has been studied. The particles are prepared from TMOS, water, ammonia and methanol by a sol–gel method. The method is to add the methanol solution of TMOS at a constant supply rate to a mixture of water, ammonia and methanol. Effects of various reaction conditions such as temperatures, supply rates of TMOS, and amounts of TMOS are studied on the diameter and shape of the particles. The diameter and shape are resulted in depending strongly on temperatures. High temperature makes particles with the high aspect ratio and the small diameter. And the mechanism of forming the cocoon shaped particle is also discussed. It is concluded that the primary particles are generated at the beginning stage of reaction and two of them become the cocoon shaped particle. For the polishing efficiency, particles have high polishing efficiency with the diameter between 40 nm and 210 nm. As a result, best diameter of particles for abrasive is 40–100 nm with respect to polishing efficiency and surface finish.