, Volume 7, Issue 1, pp 15-22
Date: 28 Apr 2006

RIKEN structural genomics beamlines at the SPring-8; high throughput protein crystallography with automated beamline operation

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RIKEN Structural Genomics Beamlines, BL26B1 & BL26B2 at the SPring-8, have been constructed for the structural genomics research. The main feature of the beamline is full automation of the successive data collections to maximize the beam-time efficiency. The beamline optics adopted a standard design commonly used for the SPring-8 bending magnet beamlines. Beamline instruments are operated by centralized control system through the computer network to achieve the automatic operation. The core part of the beamline development is a sample management system composed of sample changer robots for laboratory and beamline, and a networked sample database. BL26B1 has started user operation, and the automatic operation with the sample management system has been implemented at BL26B2.