, Volume 297, Issue 1, pp 119-125
Date: 05 Nov 2012

Adsorptive features of polyacrylic acid hydrogel for UO2 2+

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Polyacrylic acid hydrogel was synthesized by Free Radical polymerization and characterized by means of FTIR. The FTIR results show that the carboxylic groups in the complexes coordinated to the metal ions in the form of two dentate. The effects of contact time, solid/liquid ratio, pH value, and initial concentration on the adsorption of UO2 2+ ions onto polyacrylic acid were investigated. The adsorption of UO2 2+ ions was highly dependent on the initial pH of metal ions solution and initial metal ions concentration. The adsorption kinetic data indicated that the chemical adsorption was the swiftness processes, the adsorption equilibrium could be achieved within 15 min. And there are very good correlation coefficients of linearized equations for Freundlich model, which indicated that the sorption isotherm of the hydrogel for UO2 2+ can be fitted to the Freundlich model. It was found that the maximum adsorption quantity of UO2 2+ was 1,179 mg/g. After five times of repeated tests for the hydrogel it still remained its excellent adsorption.