Date: 06 Nov 2012

Research on underground water pollution caused by geological fault through radioactive stratum

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The earthquakes cause appearance of new geological fault and dislocation of rock stratum; the original permeable rock breaks, then the fault can conduct water under the effect of pressure; the stratum with radionuclide is dislocated and connected to the water-conducting fault under the effect of the fault. Under the effect of water the stratum with seepage and the one with radionuclide link up. It causes radioactive pollution on underground water, based on which this paper does a research and makes an analysis of the radioactive pollutant concentration that diffuses along the top and bottom section and centre line of the fault following the seepage. It turns out that in the rock stratum with seepage suffering rupture, the radioactive pollutant effects an elliptical spherical diffusion. In the turning point of the fault, the elliptical sphere makes a turn following the seepage.