, Volume 296, Issue 3, pp 1275-1286
Date: 17 Nov 2012

Separation and recovery of Cm from Cm–Pu mixed oxide samples containing Am impurity

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Curium was separated and recovered as an oxalate from a Cm–Pu mixed oxide which had been a 244Cm oxide sample prepared more than 40 years ago and the ratio of 244Cm to 240Pu was estimated to 0.2:0.8. Radiochemical analyses of the solution prepared by dissolving the Cm–Pu mixed oxide in nitric acid revealed that the oxide contained about 1 at% of 243Am impurity. To obtain high purity curium solution, plutonium and americium were removed from the solution by an anion exchange method and by chromatographic separation using tertiary pyridine resin embedded in silica beads with nitric acid/methanol mixed solution, respectively. Curium oxalate, a precursor compound of curium oxide, was prepared from the purified curium solution. 11.9 mg of Cm oxalate having some amounts of impurities, which are 243Am (5.4 at%) and 240Pu (0.3 at%) was obtained without Am removal procedure. Meanwhile, 12.0 mg of Cm oxalate (99.8 at% over actinides) was obtained with the procedure including Am removals. Both of the obtained Cm oxalate sample were supplied for the syntheses and measurements of the thermochemical properties of curium compounds.