, Volume 295, Issue 1, pp 265-270
Date: 08 Aug 2012

Study on adsorption of Th(IV) using surface modified dibenzoylmethane molecular imprinted polymer

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The adsorption of Th(IV) was studied using a novel dibenzoylmethane molecular imprinted polymers, which was prepared using acryloyl-β-cyclodextrin as a monomer on surface modified functional silica gel. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and FTIR were employed to confirm the reliability of the synthetic polymer. Scanning electron microscope was used to analyze the surface properties of the experimental materials. UV-spectrophotometer was employed to investigate the adsorption property and the concentration of Th(IV). Adsorption kinetics and adsorption isotherm were carried out. In pH 3.5, the adsorption equilibrium could reach a balance in 45 min, the resultant adsorbing capacity was 30.8 mg g−1, and the remove ratio of Th(IV) was 88.1 %.