, Volume 42, Issue 1, pp 151-153
Date: 15 Nov 2012

Elizabeth Waters, Boyd Swinburn, and Jacob Seidell: Preventing Childhood Obesity

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Preventing Childhood Obesity aims to help with the understanding of the complexity of factors that have contributed to childhood obesity. Armed with this understanding, policy-makers and community members can identify the scale at which changes need to occur and the sectors that need to work together to create a comprehensive intervention method to address the problem of childhood obesity. Recognizing that there is a dearth of valuable evidence on what works and what does not work in childhood obesity prevention, the book’s authors send an open invitation to researchers by providing procedural and substantive guidance on how best to synthesize and use valuable evidence.

Many of the book’s contributors look to the lessons learned from the successful control of other non-communicable disease epidemics in addition to evidence-based research to inform their approaches to obesity intervention. As a result, the authors have developed pointed and effective tactics for combatting various critic ...