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Journal of World Prehistory

, Volume 24, Issue 2, pp 189-199

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In the Shadow of the Grand Narrative: Revisiting the Early Holocene of the Northern Adriatic

  • Barbara VoytekAffiliated withArchaeological Research Facility, University of California Email author 


In a 1995 article, ‘Reviving the Grand Narrative’, Andrew Sherratt critiqued stadial models based on binary opposition (Sherratt in J Eur Archaeol 3:1–32, 1995), causing some to question whether the ‘post’ of ‘post-Pleistocene’ was an appropriate way to understand the period. This paper uses that critique as a starting point and examines the Early Holocene of Mediterranean Europe, not as the backwater of Pleistocene big-game hunters, but rather as a dynamic period of socioeconomic as well as environmental changes, separate from yet related to both the preceding Epipaleolithic and the ensuing Early Neolithic.


Early Holocene Mediterranean Europe Longue durée