, Volume 130, Issue 2, pp 265-287
Date: 10 Nov 2006

Sequential Semidefinite Program for Maximum Robustness Design of Structures under Load Uncertainty

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A robust structural optimization scheme as well as an optimization algorithm are presented based on the robustness function. Under the uncertainties of the external forces based on the info-gap model, the maximization of the robustness function is formulated as an optimization problem with infinitely many constraints. By using the quadratic embedding technique of uncertainty and the S-procedure, we reformulate the problem into a nonlinear semidefinite programming problem. A sequential semidefinite programming method is proposed which has a global convergent property. It is shown through numerical examples that optimum designs of various linear elastic structures can be found without difficulty.

Communicated by K. K. Choi
The authors are grateful to the Associate Editor and two anonymous referees for handling the paper efficiently as well as for helpful comments and suggestions.