, Volume 26, Issue 3, pp 553-560
Date: 15 Nov 2012

Dielectric and Superconducting Photonic Crystals

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We present the transmittance of two types of one-dimensional periodic structures. The first type of structure consists of alternating layers of a dielectric material. The second type of structure consists of alternating layers of a dielectric material and a superconductor whose dielectric properties are described by the two-fluid model. The variance of the intensity and the bandwidth of the transmittance are strongly dependent on the thicknesses, temperature, and frequencies. We have compared the transmittance spectra and present some details about the two types of structure. In the first type, we will make a comparison between the optical properties of the high temperature superconducting photonic crystal (HTScPC) by using the YBa2Cu3O7 as a superconductor layer with SrTiO3 as a dielectric layer. The second type consists of the dielectric photonic crystals (DPCs) and Al2O3 or MgO with SrTiO3 within the ultra-violet region. The comparison obtained according to the difference of the thickness of SrTiO3 and the variance of the number of periods. The common result is changed in the number of PBGs within the UV range.