, Volume 25, Issue 5, pp 1475-1484,
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Date: 16 Feb 2012

Critical Behavior of Ti Doping La0.57 Nd0.1 Pb0.33 Mn1−x Ti x O3 Perovskite System


Polycrystalline La0.57Nd0.1Pb0.33Mn1−x Ti x O3 (x=0 and 0.05) samples are prepared by solid-state methods, and all of them have a hexagonal perovskite structure, revealed by X-ray diffraction. The critical properties at the ferromagnetic–paramagnetic transition have been analyzed from data of static magnetization measurements for the samples. The value of critical exponents, derived from the magnetic data using the Kouvel–Fisher method, yield 0.345≤β≤0.386, 1.194≤γ≤1.306, and 4.383≤δ≤4.466 with a T C of 321.36–350.48 K. The exponent values are close to those expected for three-dimensional (3D) Heisenberg ferromagnets with is short-range magnetic interaction.