, Volume 24, Issue 1-2, pp 705-709
Date: 07 Oct 2010

EuFe2As2: Magnetic Structure and Local Charge Distribution Anisotropies as Seen by Resonant X-ray Scattering

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Non-resonant and element specific magnetic X-ray scattering has been used to determine the orientation of Eu and Fe magnetic moments in EuFe2As2 iron pnictide. Experiments have been carried out on single crystal samples at the ESRF.

Resonant measurements on magnetic reflections at the Eu L3 absorption edge indicate that the orientation of the Eu moments in the antiferromagnetic phase (T<T N=19 K) lie parallel to the crystallographic a-axis. In addition, non-resonant magnetic X-ray measurements indicate that the Fe moments are aligned along the same direction in the spin density-wave ordered phase (T<T S=190 K). The temperature dependence of the integrated intensities suggests that the Fe magnetic sublattice is barely affected by the onset of Eu ordering at T N.

The observation of non-zero resonant intensity on nuclear-forbidden reflections with wavevector corresponding to the Fe magnetic propagation vector at both the Eu L3 and As K absorption edges may be interpreted as the result of the polarization of the Eu 5d and As 4p electronic bands via hybridization with the Fe 3d states.