, Volume 46, Issue 5, pp 839-847

Ion mobility, phase transitions, and ion transport in potassium-ammonium hexafluorozirconates

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The mobility of fluoride and ammonium ions (180–480 K) in compounds K2− n (NH4)nZrF6 (0.2 ≤ n ≤ 1.70) was investigated by 19F and 1H NMR. Correlations have been found between the composition of the cation sublattice, the character of ion motions, and phase transition temperature in these compounds. The hightemperature modifications with n ≥ 0.85 of the compounds are characterized by translational diffusion of fluoride and ammonium ions and by uniaxial anisotropy of the 19F magnetic shielding tensor. The electrophysical characteristics of these compounds were studied in the temperature range 300–480 K.

Original Russian Text Copyright © 2005 by V. Ya. Kavun, N. A. Didenko, A. B. Slobodyuk, I. A. Tkachenko, A. V. Gerasimenko, N. F. Uvarov, and V. I. Sergienko
Translated from Zhurnal Strukturnoi Khimii, Vol. 46, No. 5, pp. 869–878, September–October, 2005.