, Volume 44, Issue 4, pp 403-412

Preferred Prayer Styles and Anxiety Control

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To date, the literature on prayer and anxiety has yielded mixed results. Recent development of a new instrument has improved our ability to measure individuals’ prayer activities, which may be a promising means of clarifying this literature. This correlational study examined preferred prayer styles and associated scores on measures of anxiety control and trait anxiety in a sample of 85 college students. Results suggested that individuals whose prayer styles were characterized by active rather than avoidant coping were likely to evidence greater perceived control of anxiety and lower levels of trait anxiety.

Dr. Harris is a rehabilitation psychologist at the VA Medical Center in Minneapolis, MN. Dr. Schoneman is a clinical psychologist at Casa Pacifica and in private practice. Dr. Carrera is a counseling psychologist at the Psychological Services Center at the University of Cincinatti.
Correspondence to J. Irene Harris, Staff Psychologist, VA Medical Center, One Veterans Drive, Minneapolis, MN 55417; e-mail: jeanette.harris2@med.va.gov.