, Volume 15, Issue 6, pp 647-651
Date: 10 Aug 2007

Enhanced electrochemical properties of polyaniline-coated multiwall carbon nanotubes

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MWNT (multiwall carbon nanotubes) was coated by using in-situ chemical polymerization of aniline monomer. Structure characterizations, such as N2 adsorption analysis and transmission electron microscopy, demonstrate that a thin layer of PANI (polyaniline) is well coated on the pore surface of MWNT. As evidenced by constant current charge-discharge test, specific capacitance of PANI-coated MWNT increases by a factor of 5 due to the incorporation of PANI onto the pore surface of MWNT. However, the capacitive behavior deteriorated due to the narrower pore size and extra faradiac resistance derived from PANI.