Journal of Medical Systems

, Volume 36, Issue 3, pp 1381–1388

The Adoption of Mobile Health Management Services: An Empirical Study


DOI: 10.1007/s10916-010-9600-2

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Hung, MC. & Jen, WY. J Med Syst (2012) 36: 1381. doi:10.1007/s10916-010-9600-2


As their populations age, many countries are facing the increasing economic pressure of providing healthcare to their people. In Taiwan, this problem is exacerbated by an increasing rate of obesity and obesity-related conditions. Encouraging the adoption of personal health management services is one way to maintain current levels of personal health and to efficiently manage the distribution of healthcare resources. This study introduces Mobile Health Management Services (MHMS) and employs the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) to explore the intention of students in Executive Master of Business Management programs to adopt mobile health management technology. Partial least squares (PLS) was used to analyze the collected data, and the results revealed that “perceived usefulness” and “attitude” significantly affected the behavioral intention of adopting MHMS. Both “perceived ease of use” and “perceived usefulness,” significantly affected “attitude,” and “perceived ease of use” significantly affected “perceived usefulness” as well. The results also show that the determinants of intention toward MHMS differed with age; young adults had higher intention to adopt MHMS to manage their personal health. Therefore, relevant governmental agencies may profitably promote the management of personal health among this population. Successful promotion of personal health management will contribute to increases in both the level of general health and the efficient management of healthcare resources.


Mobile health management service Healthcare Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) 

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  1. 1.Department of Information ManagementNanhua UniversityDalinTaiwan
  2. 2.Institute of Information and SocietyNational United UniversityKung-Ching LiTaiwan

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