, Volume 36, Issue 3, pp 1193-1203
Date: 02 Sep 2010

Design and Development of EMR Supporting Medical Process Management

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Current EMR system benefits physicians by facilitating order entry and reducing errors. It can improve the safety and effectiveness of medical services, but cannot manage the whole medical process and the quality of medical services. In addition to physicians, EMR should be designed for all medical professionals because medical services cannot be accomplished by physicians alone, but also requires the involvement of other medical professionals. Therefore, we applied PDCA, the famous quality management cycle to design a comprehensive and coherent EMR system which can be used throughout the entire treatment process. EMR with the PDCA Cycle can record every order state and every treatment procedure in order to monitor the whole medical process. This extends the safety from planning the treatment to fulfilling it. By analyzing the records, doctors and hospital managers can perfect the medical process and improve healthcare quality. The EMR we designed with the PDCA Cycle provides a record entry interface for physicians and a worksheet interface for nurses and other professionals. Every treatment procedure and every change of orders or tasks will be fed back to medical professionals. So information generated from the beginning to the end of treatment will link with each other to avoid any information islands. Furthermore, the EMR can display the additional information intuitively and real-timely without increasing the burden of medical professionals’ work.