, Volume 167, Issue 5-6, pp 652-657,
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Date: 09 Feb 2012

Low-Noise Readout of TES Detectors with Baseband Feedback Frequency Domain Multiplexing


SRON is developing an electronic read-out system for an array of transition edge sensors (TES) based on the techniques of frequency domain multiplexing (FDM) and base-band feedback (BBFB). The astronomical applications of our system are the read-out of soft X-ray micro-calorimeters in a potential instrument on the European X-ray mission-under-study Athena and far-IR bolometers for the SAFARI instrument on the Japanese mission SPICA. In this paper we demonstrate the simultaneous locking of up to 51 BBFB loops. While locked, the in-band read-out noise of the loops is shown to reach the \(\mbox{10~pA/}\sqrt{\mathrm{Hz}}\) level required for these missions.