, Volume 167, Issue 5-6, pp 561-567,
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Date: 26 Jan 2012

The SPICA-SAFARI TES Bolometer Readout: Developments Towards a Flight System


SAFARI is an imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer for 35–200 μm under development for flight on the Japanese IR-satellite SPICA (2018). The 3.25 m diameter actively cooled telescope (<6K) will provide a sky background limited signal, which implies that detectors will need to have an NEP of \(3.5 \cdot10^{-19}\ \mbox{W/}\sqrt{\mathrm{Hz}}\) in order not to be limiting the sensitivity. The instrument will utilize three TES-based detector arrays, covering the 2×2 arcmin field-of-view in three octaves of wave length. This contribution will present an overview of the detector sub-system, i.e.: the detector arrays and radiation coupling, the focal plane assembly, the amplification chain and the frequency-domain- multiplexed electronics. The focus will be on the implications on the system design of the readout under the stringent power dissipation, heat load, and weight limitations.