, Volume 151, Issue 1-2, pp 100-105

High Speed Photon Number Resolving Detector with Titanium Transition Edge Sensor

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We have developed new photon number resolving detectors with titanium transition edge sensors (Ti-TESs) for a high counting rate operation in quantum information. The titanium superconducting films were fabricated by ultra-high vacuum electron beam evaporation, and showed a sharp superconducting transition at 359 mK. The device was coupled to a single mode optical fiber, and cooled down to 100 mK. Some of optical responses of the devices were measured by illuminating heavily attenuated laser pulses at wavelengths of 405 and 1550 nm. As a result, the device showed a fast decay time constant of 300 ns, which enables the operation at the counting rate of 400 kcps. The energy resolution was 0.76 eV at 405 nm and 0.68 eV at 1.5 µm, that make it possible to clearly resolve the number of photons of incident laser pulses. These features of the high counting rate operation and the reasonable energy resolution are very promising for quantum information field.