, Volume 138, Issue 3-4, pp 777-782
Date: 15 Feb 2005

Coherent Spin Precession in Superfluid 3He-B Excited in a Field Minimum at Low Temperatures

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The persistent precessing domain (PPD) is an isolated region of coherent spin precession which is observed in the B phase of superfluid 3He at the lowest achievable temperatures. It has many unusual properties and its free decay can exceed 1000s at the lowest temperatures. Previous observations of the PPD were highly irreproducible but we now find the PPD to be very reproducible when there is a field minimum along the cell axis. Here we discuss measurements of the PPD as we control the magnetic field profile, allowing the depth of the minimum to be adjusted.

PACS numbers: 67.57.Lm, 67.57.Jj, 67.57.Fg