, Volume 138, Issue 3-4, pp 493-498
Date: 15 Feb 2005

Turbulence generated by vibrating wire resonators in superfluid 4He at low temperatures

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We have measured responses of vibrating wire resonators in superfluid 4He at millikelvin temperatures. We find evidence for turbulence generation above a critical velocity on the order of a few cm/s. At the critical velocity for the onset of turbulence, the resonator velocity abruptly decreases and shows hysteretic behavior. Surprisingly we find that the resonant frequencies of the resonators increase in the turbulent regime. We also find that the critical velocity may be reduced by the presence of turbulence generated by a neighboring vibrating wire resonator, allowing the detection of existing turbulence in the low temperature regime.

PACS numbers: 67.40 Vs, 67.40 Pm