, Volume 10, Issue 6, pp 551-558

Job-Related Stress and Chronic Health Conditions Among Filipino Immigrants

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Objectives We investigate how duration in the US impacts the relationship between job-related stress and health conditions among Filipino immigrants. Methods Using data from the Filipino American Community Epidemiologic Study, a cross-sectional sample of 1,381 immigrant Filipinos was obtained. Negative binomial regression was used to examine the interaction between years residing in the US and job concerns on number of self-reported health conditions. Results Job concern is positively associated with health conditions for all immigrants no matter what length of time they have spent in the US. This association is strongest for recent immigrants and the strength of the association weakened with increasing time spent in the US. Conclusions Findings suggest that job-related stressors are associated with adverse health outcomes among Filipino immigrants and that this relationship is strongest for newer immigrants. New immigrants should be recognized as a vulnerable group with regard to the impact of work on their well-being.