, Volume 8, Issue 3, pp 263-271

Sources of Health Information Among Vietnamese American Men

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Vietnamese American men face multiple health disparities compared to white men. Our study objective was to determine the sources of health information used by Vietnamese men in the United States. A population-based, in-person survey was conducted among Vietnamese men in Seattle during 2002. Our survey was completed by 509 Vietnamese men (79% response rate). The most commonly reported sources of health information included Vietnamese newspapers/magazines (73%), Vietnamese and English language television (64% and 67%, respectively), Vietnamese radio (51%), and friends and family members (51% and 63%, respectively). We found that sources of health information varied significantly among sociodemographic subgroups of the Vietnamese male population. Sources of health information among Vietnamese American men differ considerably from other racial/ethnic groups. Research findings should be used to guide the development of health education interventions for Vietnamese men and subgroups within the Vietnamese male population.