, Volume 28, Issue 4, pp 727-728
Date: 19 Oct 2012

Stuart Lowe: The housing debate

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This book is challengingly entitled The Housing Debate. It tells the story of housing the workers, the rise of council housing in the UK, the growth of home ownership and why Britain was a home-owner society long before Thatcher introduced the Right to Buy. The book focuses on Britain, with very well-documented comparative reflections in the various chapters. It is very well-written and structured into nine chapters, each of which tells a clear story with a useful overview at the beginning and a summary and a list of further reading at the end. This is very good material for bachelor’s, master’s and PhD students, as well as practitioners.

This book lives up to the promise of its title and tackles the housing debate. The first two chapters lay the foundation for the housing and welfare debate. Chapter 1 explains the structure of the book and the institutional approach that the author takes, while Chapter 2 goes back to the Victorian housing market and explores the roots of the British ho ...