, Volume 26, Issue 1, pp 99-101
Date: 07 Dec 2010

Marietta Haffner, Joris Hoekstra, Michael Oxley and Harry van der Heijden: Bridging the gap between social and market rented housing in six European countries?

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This text reflects a growing interest in the private or market rented sector across Europe. Increasing policy attention has been paid to the possible social roles that market rented housing might play at a time of diminishing commitment to social housing expenditure. The book recognises the difficulties that are encountered in any attempt to arrive at definitive definitions of social and market renting, particularly when viewing housing systems across a number of countries. However, as a theoretical framework, the book aims to recognise the extent of similarity and difference—here defined as the ‘gap’—between social and rented housing. On recognising the existence of smaller or larger gaps in different countries, the book then relates the gap to the degree of competition between tenures. Where the gap is small, then competition between social and market renting becomes more marked; where the tenures are markedly dissimilar and the gap is large, then the level of competition will be sma ...