, Volume 37, Issue 2, pp 383-394

An Analysis of Response Rate and Economic Costs Between Mail and Web-Based Surveys Among Practicing Dentists: A Randomized Trial

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This study explored the economic costs and response rate of mail and web-based surveys with practicing dentists. A random sample of 6,000 practicing dentists was randomly assigned into three groups of 2,000: choice (mail or web-based), postal mail, or web-based. The Florida Tobacco Control Survey 2009, which is composed of 28 questions (including subject demographic questions), served as the survey instrument. A total of 1,232 surveys were returned by the three different groups (21% overall response rate). Response rates were best for the mail (26%) with the worst response rate coming from the Web group (11%). However, a cost-effectiveness analysis revealed that web surveys were 2.68 times more cost effective.