, Volume 40, Issue 1-3, pp 261-275
Date: 17 Jul 2007

A network efficiency measure with application to critical infrastructure networks

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In this paper, we demonstrate how a new network performance/efficiency measure, which captures demands, flows, costs, and behavior on networks, can be used to assess the importance of network components and their rankings. We provide new results regarding the measure, which we refer to as the Nagurney–Qiang measure, or, simply, the N–Q measure, and a previously proposed one, which did not explicitly consider demands and flows. We apply both measures to such critical infrastructure networks as transportation networks and the Internet and further explore the new measure through an application to an electric power generation and distribution network in the form of a supply chain. The Nagurney and Qiang network performance/efficiency measure that captures flows and behavior can identify which network components, that is, nodes and links, have the greatest impact in terms of their removal and, hence, are important from both vulnerability as well as security standpoints.