, Volume 35, Issue 4, pp 521-549

Derivative-Free Filter Simulated Annealing Method for Constrained Continuous Global Optimization

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In this paper, a simulated-annealing-based method called Filter Simulated Annealing (FSA) method is proposed to deal with the constrained global optimization problem. The considered problem is reformulated so as to take the form of optimizing two functions, the objective function and the constraint violation function. Then, the FSA method is applied to solve the reformulated problem. The FSA method invokes a multi-start diversification scheme in order to achieve an efficient exploration process. To deal with the considered problem, a filter-set-based procedure is built in the FSA structure. Finally, an intensification scheme is applied as a final stage of the proposed method in order to overcome the slow convergence of SA-based methods. The computational results obtained by the FSA method are promising and show a superior performance of the proposed method, which is a point-to-point method, against population-based methods.