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Journal of Fusion Energy

, Volume 32, Issue 2, pp 164-170

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Calculation of Excitation Function of Some Structural Fusion Material for (n, p) Reactions up to 25 MeV

  • Tarik S. ReshidAffiliated withDepartment of General Science, Faculty of Basic Education, Salahaddin University Email author 


Fusion serves an inexhaustible energy for humankind. Although there have been significant research and development studies on the inertial and magnetic fusion reactor technology, Furthermore, there are not radioactive nuclear waste problems in the fusion reactors. In this study, (n, p) reactions for some structural fusion materials such as 27Al, 51V, 52Cr, 55Mn and 56Fe have been investigated. The new calculations on the excitation functions of 27 Al(n, p) 27 Mg, 51 V(n, p) 51 Ti, 52 Cr(n, p) 52 V, 55 Mn(n, p) 55 Cr and 56 Fe(n, p) 56 Mn reactions have been carried out up to 30 MeV incident neutron energy. Statistical model calculations, based on the Hauser–Feshbach formalism, have been carried out using the TALYS-1.0 and were compared with available experimental data in the literature and with ENDF/B-VII, T = 300 K; JENDL-3.3, T = 300 K and JEFF-3.1, T = 300 K evaluated libraries.


(n, p) cross-section Excitation function Nuclear reactions TALYS-1.0