, Volume 39, Issue 5, pp 364-367
Date: 25 Oct 2008

Crystal and Molecular Structure of Dichloro(ethylenediamine)gold(III) Nitrate: [Au(NH2CH2CH2NH2)Cl2]NO3

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The gold(III) atom in [Au(NH2CH2CH2NH2)Cl2]NO3 is chelated by the ethylenediamine (en) ligand and the approximately square planar geometry is completed by two chloride atoms. Weak Au···O and Au···Cl contacts are noted above and below the square plane leading to a tetragonally distorted octahedron for the gold(III) center. Extensive charge-assisted hydrogen bonding of the type N–H···O leads to the formation of a 2-D array and layers are consolidated into a 3-D network via C–H···O and C–H···Cl contacts. The compound crystallizes in the orthorhombic space group Pbca with a = 10.3380(11) Å, b = 8.2105(7) Å, c = 19.625(2) Å, and Z = 8.

Index Abstract

Square planar complex cations form additional Au···O and Au···Cl interactions to form a tetragonally distorted octahedron for gold. The ionic components are connected into a 2-D array via charge-assisted N–H···O hydrogen bonding interactions.