, Volume 37, Issue 9, pp 601-608
Date: 19 Jul 2007

Crystal Structure and Vibrational Spectra of Erbium Trisodium Bis(Cyclotriphosphate) Nonahydrate, ErNa3(P3O9)2 · 9H2O

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The cyclotriphosphate salt, ErNa3(P3O9)2 · 9H2O, has been characterized by single-crystal X-ray diffraction [hexagonal, space group \(\hbox{R}\bar{ 3}\hbox{c}\) , with unit cell parameters of a = b =  30.8451(14), c =  12.8063(8) Å; Z = 18]. The structure consists of alternating layers of [P3O9]3− groups, ErO8 dodecahedra, Na(1)O6 and Na(2)O7 polyhedra linked together by water molecules. The P3O9 rings are grouped along the c-axis in a P3O9–ErO8 arrangement thereby producing broad, hexagonal channels of diameter of 6.65 Å with a side dimension of 3.907 Å. The absence of coincidences for the majority of the IR and Raman bands observed for the cyclotriphosphate salt is in accord with the centrosymmetric structure of the material. The vibrational spectra have been interpreted on the basis of factor group effects.

Graphical abstract

We report the crystal structure and vibrational spectra of erbium trisodium bis(cyclotriphosphate)nanohydrate salt ErNa 3 (P 3 O 9 ) 2  ·  9H 2 O

H. Assaaoudi, M. Ijjaali, A. Ennaciri, I. S. Butler* and J. A. Kozinski

Crystal structure and vibrational spectra of erbium trisodium bis(cyclotriphosphate) nonahydrate,ErNa3(P3O9)2 · 9H2O.

Projection of the coordination polyhedra of ErNa3(P3O9)2 · 9H2O down the c axis