, Volume 33, Issue 2, pp 129-143
Date: 26 Oct 2007

Neural Synchronization at Tonic-to-Bursting Transitions

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We studied the synchronous behavior of two electrically-coupled model neurons as a function of the coupling strength when the individual neurons are tuned to different activity patterns that ranged from tonic firing via chaotic activity to burst discharges. We observe asynchronous and various synchronous states such as out-of-phase, in-phase and almost in-phase chaotic synchronization. The highest variety of synchronous states occurs at the transition from tonic firing to chaos where the highest coupling strength is also needed for in-phase synchronization which is, essentially, facilitated towards the bursting range. This demonstrates that tuning of the neuron’s internal dynamics can have significant impact on the synchronous states especially at the physiologically relevant tonic-to-bursting transitions.