, Volume 43, Issue 4, pp 399-407
Date: 06 Jul 2011

Genistein inhibits mitochondrial-targeted oxidative damage induced by beta-amyloid peptide 25–35 in PC12 cells

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The antioxidative properties of genistein (Gen) have been demonstrated by our previous studies and others, but its potential mechanism was not very clear. Because of the key role of mitochondria in oxidant production, we wondered if mitochondria were one of Gen’s neuroprotective targets. In the present study we investigated whether Gen has protective effects on mitochondria damaged by Aβ25-35. PC12 cells were pre-incubated with or without Gen for 2 h followed by the incubation with 20 μM Aβ25-35 for another 24 h before mitochondrial membrane fluidity (MMF), mitochondrial membrane potential (MMP) , and mitochondrial redox state were measured. The results showed that Gen alleviated the decrease of MMF induced by Aβ25-35, and maintained the MMP. Additionally, Gen promoted the mitochondrial antioxidative capability through increasing the GSH/GSSG ratio, GPx activity and MnSOD protein expression in mitochondria. Moreover, Gen reversed the changes of ChAT mRNA and AChE mRNA expression in cells induced by Aβ25-35. These results suggested that Gen can protect the mitochondrial membrane and maintain redox state in mitochondria damaged by Aβ25-35.

Yuan-Di Xi and Huan-Ling Yu contributed equally to this work.