, Volume 42, Issue 6, pp 483-489,
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VDAC contributes to mRNA levels in Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells by the intracellular reduction/oxidation state dependent and independent mechanisms


Available data suggest that voltage-dependent anion selective channel (VDAC) constitutes an important component of a cellular regulatory mechanism based on the intracellular reduction/oxidation (redox) state. Here, using quantitative RT-PCR, we demonstrated that depletion of VDAC1 (termed here VDAC) in Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells distinctly affected levels of mRNAs encoding nuclear proteins sensitive to changes of the intracellular redox state including the nuclear transcription factors important for adaptation to the redox state and proteins involved in communication between mitochondria and the nucleus. We also revealed that the changes of the studied protein transcript levels generally correlated with changes of the intracellular redox state although VDAC appears also to affect mRNA levels by a mechanism not based on changes of the intracellular redox states. Thus, VDAC seems to be an important element of the intracellular signaling network.