Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

, Volume 32, Issue 4, pp 595–608

Development and Psychometric Evaluation of the Suicide Anger Expression Inventory—28


    • Department of PsychologyThe University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Peter M. Gutierrez
    • Denver VA Medical Center, MIRECC
  • Jane L. Wong
    • Armstrong Atlantic State University
  • Stacey Freedenthal
    • University of Denver
  • Courtney L. Bagge
    • University of Mississippi Medical Center
  • Kimberly D. Smith
    • Department of PsychologyThe University of Texas at San Antonio

DOI: 10.1007/s10862-010-9186-5

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Osman, A., Gutierrez, P.M., Wong, J.L. et al. J Psychopathol Behav Assess (2010) 32: 595. doi:10.1007/s10862-010-9186-5


We conducted 4 studies to develop and cross-validate scores on a multidimensional self-report measure of suicide and anger expression, the Suicide Anger Expression Inventory-28 (SAEI-28). The SAEI-28 evaluates Suicide Rumination, Maladaptive Expression, Reactive Distress, and Adaptive Expression with 7 content specific items each. Participants were between ages 14 and 47 years old. Study 1 developed a pool of content relevant and representative items for the new inventory. Study 2 explored potential domains of the SAEI-28 items, evaluating preliminary estimates of internal consistency reliability. Study 3 examined specific structures of the SAEI-28 items and scale reliability. Study 4 evaluated the fit of the oblique 4-factor model to 2 alternative solutions. Support was found for estimates of internal consistency reliability for the scales. Criterion-related validity and potential correlates for the SAEI-28 scales were also assessed.


SuicideAnger expressionFactor analysisSelf-reportPsychometrics

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