Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education

, 12:427

Engaging with issues of emotionality in mathematics teacher education for social justice


DOI: 10.1007/s10857-009-9117-0

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Boylan, M. J Math Teacher Educ (2009) 12: 427. doi:10.1007/s10857-009-9117-0


This article focuses on the relationship between social justice, emotionality and mathematics teaching in the context of the education of prospective teachers of mathematics. A relational approach to social justice calls for giving attention to enacting socially just relationships in mathematics classrooms. Emotionality and social justice in teaching mathematics variously intersect, interrelate or interweave. An intervention, using creative action methods, with a cohort of prospective teachers addressing these issues is described to illustrate the connection between emotionality and social justice in the context of mathematics teacher education. Creative action methods involve a variety of dramatic, interactive and experiential tools that can promote personal and group engagement and embodied reflection. The intervention aimed to engage the prospective teachers with some key issues for social justice in mathematics education through dialogue about the emotionality of teaching and learning mathematics. Some of the possibilities and limits of using such methods are considered.


Classroom relationshipsSocial justiceTeacher emotionsCreative action methodsExperiential learningMathematics teacher education

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