Pharmacological activity of ibuprofen released from mesoporous silica

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Novel drug delivery systems (DDS) to improve the pharmacokinetic profile of hydrophobic drugs following oral administration are an area of keen interest in drug research. An ideal DDS should not adversely affect drug activity, be capable of delivering a therapeutic dose of drug, and allow homogenous drug loading and drug release. Mesoporous silica has been proposed for this application, with ibuprofen employed as the model drug. It was hypothesised that mesoporous silica MCM-41 is capable of delivering a pharmacologically therapeutic dose of ibuprofen. Ibuprofen-loaded MCM-41 can be prepared reproducibly at a drug to carrier ratio of 30% (wt/wt). The release profile was seen to be 90% within 2 h. Initial assessment of COX-1 inhibitory activity suggests the absence of adverse effects attributable to drug-carrier interaction. The results of this study provide further evidence in support of the proposed use of mesoporous silica in drug delivery.