, Volume 22, Issue 10, pp 2311-2318
Date: 11 Aug 2011

Hemocompatibility investigation of the NiTi alloy implanted with tantalum

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A composite TiO2/Ta2O5 nano-film has been formed on the NiTi shape memory alloy by Ta implantation. The wettability, protein adsorption, platelets adhesion and hemolysis tests are conducted to evaluate the hemocompatibility. The contact angle measurements showed that the surface of the NiTi alloy kept hydrophilic before and after Ta implantation, although the water contact angle increased with the increasing of implantation current. Both of the surface energy and the interfacial tension decreased after Ta implantation. The protein adsorption behavior was investigated by 125I isotope labeling. The fibrinogen adsorption was enhanced by a high surface roughness or a large interfacial tension, while the albumin adsorption was insensitive to the surface modification. Platelet adhesion and activation were weakened and the hemolysis rate was reduced at least 46% after Ta implantation due to the decreased surface energy and improved corrosion resistance ability, respectively.