Date: 27 Dec 2008

Quantification of bone mass gain in response to the application of biphasic bioceramics and platelet concentrate in critical-size bone defects

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Biphasic bioceramics have been widely indicated for bone reconstruction; however, the real gain in bone mass due to the presence of such biomaterials has not been established yet nor the advantages of its association with platelet concentrate. This study aims at quantifying the volume of bone matrix, osteoblasts, osteocytes, blood vessels and adipose tissue after the application of a biphasic bioceramics composed of 65% hydroxyapatite and 35% β-tricalcium phosphate. Critical-size bone defects were produced in rabbit femora and reconstructed with bioceramics only, with bioceramics combined with platelet concentrate, with platelet concentrate alone, and with no treatment (blood clot). The quantitative evaluation was performed on histological sections using histomorphometry. Our data provide original evidence that consolidates the indication of bioceramics for clinical bone loss reconstruction. The application of biphasic bioceramics alone led to major bone mass gain and was followed by its association with platelet concentrate. On the other hand, platelet concentrate can contribute to the augmentation and maintenance of the adipose tissue, representing a new field for future applications in plastic surgery.