, Volume 24, Issue 8, pp 2667-2671
Date: 03 Mar 2013

Sulfurization time effects on the growth of Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films by solution method

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Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) films were obtained by sulfurizing (Cu, Sn) S/ZnS structured precursors prepared by a combination of the successive ionic layer absorption and reaction method and the chemical bath deposition method, respectively. The effect of sulfurization time on structure, composition and optical properties of these CZTS thin films was studied. The results of energy dispersive spectroscopy indicate that the annealed CZTS thin films are of Cu-poor and Zn-rich states. The X-ray diffraction studies reveal that Cu2−x S phase exists in the annealed CZTS thin film prepared by sulfurization for 20 min, while the Raman spectroscopy analysis shows that there is a small Cu2SnS3 phase existing in those by sulfurization for 20 and 40 min. The band gap (E g ) of the annealed CZTS thin films, which are determined by reflection spectroscopy, varies from 1.49 to 1.56 eV depending on sulfurization time. The best CZTS thin film is the one prepared by sulfurization for 80 min, exhibiting a single kesterite structure, dense morphology, ideal band gap (E g  = 1.55 eV) and high optical absorption coefficient (>104 cm−1).