Date: 09 Sep 2009

Dielectric and piezoelectric properties of MnO2 -doped K0.5 Na0.5 Nb0.92 Sb0.08 O3 lead-free ceramics

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Lead-free MnO2-doped K0.5Na0.5Nb0.92Sb0.08O3 ceramics have been fabricated by a conventional ceramic technique and their dielectric and piezoelectric properties have been studied. Our results show that a small amount of MnO2 (0.5–1.0 mol%) is enough to improve the densification of the ceramics and decrease the sintering temperature of the ceramics. The co-effects of MnO2 doping and Sb-substitution lead to significant improvements in the ferroelectric and piezoelectric properties. The K0.5Na0.5Nb0.92Sb0.08O3 ceramic with 0.5 mol%MnO2 doping possesses optimum propeties: d 33 = 187 pC/N, k P = 47.2%, ε r = 980, tanδ = 2.71% and T c = 287 °C. Due to high tetragonal-orthorhombic phase transition temperature (T O-T ~ 150 °C), the K0.5Na0.5Nb0.92Sb0.08O3 ceramic with 0.5 mol%MnO2 doping exhibits a good thermal stability of piezoelectric properties.