, Volume 48, Issue 12, pp 4151-4162
Date: 16 Feb 2013

Oxidation of nanodiamonds and modulation of their assembly in polymer-based nanohybrids by field-inducement

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Linear assembly of densely packed oxidized nanodiamonds (OxNDs) was performed in polymer-based nanohybrid films. A homogeneous suspension of the pre-polymer polyepoxide and OxNDs was placed onto a polyamide spacer and subjected to an electric field in order to induce the relocation and assembly of the fillers before the mixture became cross-linked. The OxNDs suspended readily, forming linear assemblies of OxNDs (LAOxNDs) of varying thicknesses, aligned perpendicular to the film surfaces. Nanohybrid films with linear assemblies of LAOxNDs exhibited a moderate increase in thermal conductivity while maintaining the electrical insulation properties of the polyepoxide. Mechanisms for the field-induced fabrication and the structural variation of LAOxNDs in the pre-polymer matrix are elucidated in relation to the variations in physical properties. The present air oxidation process and field-induced application are simple but effective in enhancing the physical properties of polymer-based hybrids, and hence, has the potential for applying in the fabrication and modulation of nanocomposite materials.