Journal of Materials Science

, Volume 45, Issue 10, pp 2543–2552

DNA self-assembly: prospectus and its future application


DOI: 10.1007/s10853-010-4237-6

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Sadhasivam, S. & Yun, K.S. J Mater Sci (2010) 45: 2543. doi:10.1007/s10853-010-4237-6


The field of DNA nanotechnology has grown rapidly in the past 10 years, with many baby steps and exciting breakthroughs. DNA has recently been emerged as a versatile material for constructing artificial molecular structures and strategy which has excellent intrinsic characteristics, including programmability, self-organization, molecular recognition, and molecular-scale structuring properties, makes it an attractive nanoscale building material. Excitingly, DNA can be considered as a natural candidate for molecular self-assembly. In this review, we have focused on the methods for DNA self assembling patterns within the molecular fabric of DNA lattices.

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  1. 1.College of BionanotechnologyKyungwon UniversityGyeonggi-DoSouth Korea

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