, Volume 40, Issue 9-10, pp 2259-2261

Temperature dependences of density and ultrasound velocity of the eutectic Bi-44.6 wt.% Pb melt

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Measurements of temperature dependences of density d and ultrasound velocity V s of the eutectic Bi-44.6 wt.% Pb alloy were performed from eutectic temperature up to 550–900C. Density was studied using gamma absorption method. Ultrasound velocity was determined by pulse phase method. The dependences V s(T) and d(T) are linear in temperature interval of measurements and can be approximated by the equations:

$$\displaylines{ V_{\rm s} (T) = 1788 - 0.269\;(T - 398)\ {\rm m} \cdot {\rm s}^{ - 1}.\cr d(T) = 10271 - 1.29\;(T - 398)\ {\rm kg} \cdot {\rm m}^{- 3} .\cr} $$
These results are found to be in good agreement with data of other works.